What’s the Difference Between Black and African-American?

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One definition of African-American is an American of black African descent. The term may also be written with a hyphen as African-American.  Please notice, black is used in front of African descent.  This is a very weak, in my opinion, way of associating the term with black people when the term would more accurately fit others.

What do you think about her?  Does she look African-American to you?  The Oscar-winning actress just became a naturalized American citizen in 2007, so where is she actually from?  Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa.  What do you think about that?  It would probably turn many people’s stomachs if someone referred to her as African-American – I’m sure she is referred to as a caucasian instead.  Why would that be the case when her ethnicity, her true ethnicity, wouldn’t change anything about her?  If she was referred to as an African-American it wouldn’t change her blond hair, but it would lower the public opinion of her for some.  Sad but true.

Another disturbing story centers around Trevor Richards, a student who went to Westside High in Omaha, Nebraska.  Trevor moved from Johannesburg, which makes him African-American technically.  He was booted from school for this poster.  A lot of hoopla surrounded this and one posting on an internet message board said, “I attend Westside and I am in support for Trevor. Trevor is one of only maybe one or two other people that are actually from Africa. Trevor is more of an African-American than any other “African-American” at Westside. It is also wrong that there is an award for only black students when every other award at Westside is for everyone and everyone has an equal chance to receive those awards if they try.”

I have another one for you.  David John Matthews was born January 9, 1967 in South Africa and is now a naturalized American.  That would make him African-American right?  Think about that someone mentions, or you are listening to the Dave Matthews band.

John H Mc Whorter wrote an article titled “Why I’m Black, Not African American” in 2004:

“Living descendants of slaves in America neither knew their African ancestors nor even have elder relatives who knew them. Most of us worship in Christian churches. Our cuisine is more southern U.S. than Senegalese. Starting with ragtime and jazz, we gave America intoxicating musical beats based on African conceptions of rhythm, but with melody and harmony based on Western traditions.

Also, we speak English. Black Americans’ home speech is largely based on local dialects of England and Ireland. Africa echoes in the dialect only as a whisper, in certain aspects of sound and melody. A working-class black man in Cincinnati has more in common with a working-class white man in Providence than with a Ghanaian.

With the number of African immigrants in the U.S. nearly tripling since 1990, the use of “African American” is becoming increasingly strained. For example, Alan Keyes, the Republican Senate candidate in Illinois, has claimed that as a descendant of slaves, he is the “real” African American, compared with his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, who has an African father and white mother. And the reason Keyes and others are making arguments such as this is rather small, the idea being that “African American” should refer only to people with a history of subordination in this country – as if African immigrants such as Amadou Diallo, who was killed by police while reaching for his wallet, or Caribbean ones such as torture victim Abner Louima have found the U.S. to be the Land of Oz.”

The term entered into usage largely starting in 1988, when the Rev. Jesse Jackson held a news conference to urge Americans to use it to refer to blacks. I missed the memo – who asked Jesse to speak for all of us?  I think this was a decision he felt empowered to make on behalf of the whole race and someone should have told him to pump his brakes and hold on!

From a scientific viewpoint, the term African-American makes absolutely no sense.  I hate to crush your spirit so hold on to your seat.  Most genetic evidence now supports an African origin for all humans on earth. Thus, everyone living in the Americas today is, properly speaking, African American.

Look people, this is just something else created by man, meant to separate us and keep us at odds.  You have to get something positive from this and hopefully this is what you take away: we need to start looking at people as equals regardless of the color of their skin.  There are so many people who have lost their life because of the color of their skin – I’m not just talking about black people either.  Senseless death because someone looks different is a ridiculous occurance and for that mankind should be ashamed.  Please, leave here armed with a little more understanding and don’t look upon another ethnic group with pity.  Look at them as other human beings who should have the same rights as you.

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84 Responses to “What’s the Difference Between Black and African-American?”


    I don’t get any of this racial stuff to be honest. People are doing genetic testing only to find out that they ain’t as black or as white as they thought they were. In 50 years there won’t hardly be abyone who doesn’t have some mixture in their blood lines unless they are deep in the african bush somewhere.

    It’s time we look at people as people and get rid of this stupid race identification process we use. I still go by “black” and refuse to be called an africa american. I was born here and that makes me an american. Most blacks born here have a mixtures of some other race in them, so it seems so stupid and ignorant to call one’s self an african american and ignore the european blood content. We might be more correct if we we called european african americans. But try and tell that to some of us………..

    The italians are moors and europeans mixed…..

    What about the person who gets a blood transfusion from someone of another race?

  2. Kim Says:

    This is deep. Personally, I’ve never taken to the term African-American for black people who are born in America. How can you be African-American if you were born in America? I know some people are going to argue because of the ancestry of Black people (i.e. brought over as slaves from Africa). I understand that; however, if you born in America, you are an American — period. How many white people, who’s ancestors are from other countries (e.g. France, Greece, etc.) are called French-American, Greek-American, etc.? None, that I can recall. This need to categorize people is silly.


    Kim It ain’t so much them catgorizing us as it is us categorizing us. In less than 50 years we have been negros, blakc, and african americans….Talk about being confused…………..

  4. Kim Says:

    That’s a good point. We do tend to label ourselves alot, don’t we?

  5. Tom Sawyer Says:

    I don’t agree with this at all! Tell me when the meeting was held, poll was conducted or anything else allowing the majority to decide on the terms Native-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American and African-American? If you can pinpoint that moment, I will say it is “us” who change what we are called. Otherwise, it is someone sitting on high (yeah right) who is making all these decisions.

    I know I don’t want Jesse Jackson speaking for me!

  6. ClydeMartinlll Says:

    You may as well call me a nigger, when you call me an african american. I hate the term african american. I didnt know jesse jackson called for that, I dont know where it first came from but it’s stupid to call black americans- african americans. Black Africans dont even like the fact that black americans are being called African Americans. They see it as we’re stealing their heritage. I wonder if black citizens of other countries like Canada; Brazil: England: France; Austraiia; ect….., are they call African Canadian or African Brazilian or AfricanEnglish or African French, and on and on? I dont think so. Let’s tell Jesse to take back his senseless call for the term African American. I dont have a problem calling Chalize Theron or Dave Matthews or any other true African American, an African American.


    Both of you seem to feel like I do on this. I think the bible brings some seen into this entire racial problem. From the way I see it one would have to almost catagorically reject the biblical teachings in order to form some of these sub human idologies that I run into .

    We are all God’s children and that’s the bottom line….

  8. Angelika Says:

    This is why I think this whole PC thing is idiotic. I am of African descent, but I am not African American. I am black. Period.

  9. Luis Larama Says:

    I can understand why people became so confused about so many ways of race classification !
    After all it has a strong relation to racism and ignorance itself and some don´t even notice.
    I am an African that lived in the Us for many years and i was confronted with that reality as well.
    Sometimes i questioned some of my friends and colegues that call themselves African -Americans , most didn´t even know the basics about Africa neither they knew the region were their ancestors came from or their own history or even worst couldn´t really understant that they were totally americans on their cultural values.
    Being diferent in cultural values from the white anglo saxon tradition doesn´t make you an African at all.
    Jessie Jackson had the best of intentions with his initiative , after strong experiences in Southern Africa he was influenced by nationalist leaders such as Samora Machel, Mandela , Julius Nyerere and others , he saw african values as an important part of the black indentity so much necessary to the black comunities in the US and a way to restore equality with other social groups as jewish -americans , italo -americans and he tryied to creat a movement of cultural identity with Africa for black americans in the same way so many others have it with their countris of origin.
    The only problem was and is that black americans don´t have a country of origin besides the US , United States is their country of origin , being descendant of African slaves doesn´t make them africans , unfortunally the ties were broken and the fact they grew up in an industrialized society with almost no conections to Africa make all descendants become with almost no signs of African values.
    It was not a bad initiative but it was no cultural movement and it could not change the dominant american culture that most american blacks or mixed race have.
    To make matter worst american society has the horrible tradition of classifying everyone on race values , whites , blacks , hispanics ( not even a race ) , asians , etc .
    It also true that each of these groups has distinctive expressions of their cultural values or at least some that we all recognize , their acent , their bilingual skills , food , taste and lots and lots of steriotypes , the italo- americans on top of the list.
    Black americans were always diferent and will be always so , that´s a good aspect as long as that diference is positive and brings good to the comunity the problem was some black leaders wanted to create a link that was destroyed , and that link can not be created only with a name or a status.
    It takes a lot more than that to compensate for centuries of discrimination and ignorance.
    So blacks had to be also classified as part of that distorted way in society , in fact black americans that go to africa are never viewed by africans as other africans , we just have the same race , they think diferent , they eat diferent , they walk diferent , they react and analyse life in a different ways , they even talk diferent , apart from race nothing in common. Good spirits but nothing else!
    We are brothers indeed , history has to be considered but they are not africans in the true sense of the word .
    In modern history the movement is the other way around , Africans were strongly influenced by black americans and their way in american society.
    The influences in the past of Sidney Poiter as a role model , James Brown , Mohamed Aly , american athelets in the Olympic games , Angela Davis and others . In recent times the hip hop styles ,rap, slang are easy to find across African in urban centers and also in the countryside, some copy it without even knowing the meaning of the values.
    You don´t see or find African influence in Black americans apart from a few that dress some african clothes and ornaments and some bad imitations of traditional weddings, there in some the spiritual conection the sense of ancestry but no more and even that sense is in many forms very abstract , in other words nobody can describe exactly what it is , is just a feelling with no format .
    On the other case the black american influence in africa through the powerfull media is way stronger and creating already a lifestyle in some of the main capitols in Africa and it has it´s forms of influence very clear and well established for the good or bad.
    So my friends this is a complex subject and i could go deeper but this is not the place to do so.
    Being African American is a lot more that just being called African American , being American is the main identity , whatever race , religion or cultural background , that´s what is special about your American Constitution , if those values are respected as defined by the law of the land , today black americans wouldn´t be worried about their classification in society and would be all better in life.
    That´s were the problem is , elimination of racism and discrimination means that we all have to assume that we as human beings must have great values and principles and must learn an advanced way of living and socializing and eliminate the steryotipes and the race classification system.
    For those black americans that don´t believe my words , get in the plane and go to any country in Africa and then tell me the experience. For those white americans that don´t belive my words get a black american person that you like and do some short time in Africa to learn how africans deal with race ( learn from Mandela as starting point )
    You will find out that your race is not really the main issue , your brain and mentality is !!!



  10. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  11. Kathy Curry Says:

    I preferred to be called Kathy. I hate checking a box on forms.

  12. Kim Says:

    Hi Larama. Welcome to 7daybuzz. This post was enlightening. Thanks for posting.

  13. Kim Says:

    Hi Angelika. Welcome to 7daybuzz.




    Bro africa is for arficans, not us. We do have a country of origin- america.

    I bet if you took some of these so called pro africa niggeros out into the bush with a spear and told them to go kill a lion for dinner they’d be on the first canoe headed out of africa. First time one of us was eating a antelope burger and a fly the size of a Cesna 241 buzzed by our so called blackness would turn to coward yellow and enven the witch doctor couldn’t convince us to stay.

    In fact I’ve always said that i wish we could force some of these “i’m so black niggas.” to go live in africa fo 3 years. I bet we would hear nuttin else……….

  16. Kendall Blake Says:

    HUH.. she said she likes to be called KATHY. Not click here for if your african-american, here if your latino, or click here if your white…

    Anyways.. I 100% hate this. Although this guy I work with and myself are now friends, the first time I met him this is what he said. Take in to fact he is an inspiring comedian, but still. The first thing he said was.. so your name is Kendall? Let me get this out of the way, do you preferred to be called black, colored, or african american? I just look at him and said.. that’s not funny man.

    Why do people do this. I hate it most on CNN and other networks or company who THINK they are being “politically correct” but really sound stupid. Call me black. Period. If you call me african american i’m going to give you the stupid look, and if you call me colored – your racist, or at least that is how I will categorize you.

    One last thing, my hate for this is about on the same level. Why do white people ALWAYS say, yeah I met this black guy and he was really funny.. or I seen this black lady today that had on a nice shirt. I hate it. Even people I am around everyday still do. You do not have to let me know that the person was black. I thought about one day doing the same thing for the whole day, even at work. “Sorry I made that mistake, some white supervisor came in and told me to do it this way.”

  17. Kendall Blake Says:

    Hey at least you have to capitalize the word “African” for it to be spelled correct. That comment was just because I was still in rant mode.


    You get it from your momma….maybe? lol……….

    Hey do you date white gurls?

  19. Kathy Curry Says:

    Good post Kendall!

  20. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    One verse from Hank William’s Jr “family tradition.”

    Lordy, I have loved some ladies
    and I have loved Jim Beam
    and they both tried to kill me
    in 1973
    when that doctor asked me
    Son how did you get in this condition
    I said hey sawbones I’m just carryin on
    an old family tradition

    My version had i written the song:

    So now I say to both you K’s
    when I ask questions why you run away
    first it was Kathy
    now her boy Kendall
    two spyders on a silk line
    twisting on a spindle
    Buzz how your folks get in this condition
    or is it just an old family tradition

  21. Entreview.com Says:

    What’s the Difference Between Black and African-American? | 7daybuzz.com…

    The term African-American is used to describe someone who is black, but it isn’t necessarily the most accurate way to describe someone who is black. For one, many black Americans know little of their roots and have been in America for many generation…

  22. Tom Sawyer Says:

    You bring up a great point and something I never thought of. People do seem to think it necessary to preface things by mentioning a person is black, but don’t do the same thing for someone who is white.

    I work with around 400 students and many times we are talking about someone who I don’t know and one of my (white) co-workers has to describe them for me. Fortunately, our interaction with young men and women make us look past color – I would be able to sniff out anything fishy quickly. They all call the person black and I have absolutely no problem with that.

  23. enddude Says:

    I agree with many of the comments here. This entire “African American” labeling seems to be unigue to blacks. Other citizens with foreign ancestry,(which is everyone, save Native Indians) aren’t labeled by their ancestral origins. This is nothing more than the ‘exotic’ character which has become infused into the black culture. Black people themselves, acting often out of ignorance, incite and promote such labels instead of dispelling them.

    Blacks need to become more mainstream and blacks themselves need to participate in making this come about, through education and less on fringe and the appeal to this somehow ‘exotic’ nature, of being black.
    Wake up. Listen to Bill Cosby, Oprah, Barack and the host of other people everywhere who know this to be true.

  24. Kim Says:

    Hi enddude. Welcome to 7DayBuzz. What’s sad is there are Black people who disagree with Bill Cosby and Obama, saying that they are airing “our dirty laundry” instead of digesting the message they are relaying.

  25. Kathy Curry Says:

    Moving to GA from IN has changed everything for me. All the tomfoolery I used to endure has ceased. We are now all black. Period.

  26. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    Good point Kim.
    By now you should have heard Jessie Jackson’s comments on Omama.
    As long as guy’s like JJ exist we are never going advance beyond the “Blame Game Mentality.”
    He makes me ashamed to be The baptist.

  27. Kim Says:

    I only heard bits and pieces. What exactly did he say?

  28. Kim Says:

    Okay, I just read it. All I can say is Jesse is a mess!


    Imagine raising my God child and blaming everything on white people. I can hear you now:

    “Johneisha why you wet on yourself?”

    “The white man made me do it mommie.”

    “Johneisha why did you hit that boy?”

    “The white man made me do it mommie.”

    “Johniesha when are you going to start being responsible?”

    “That white man had us in slavery so long that I an a victum of the system mommie.”

    “The system?”

    “Yes mommie. The system. If I speak correct english then the black people gonna say I’m talking white like my Aunt….uh what’s here name?”

    “You mean Kathy?”

    “Yeah mommie, Aunt Kathy. ”

    “Baby Aunt Kathy doesn’t talk white. She talks just like your daddy and I.”

    Can I ask you something mommie?

    “Sure baby go ahead………”

    “Is my grand parents white??”

  30. Kim Says:

    I’m still trying to read past the phrase, “my God child.” For some strange reason, I just can’t seem to read past those three words……..

  31. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    And I’m sure it took you a few times to learn to ride a bike also…..

  32. Just An Observer Says:

    John, you should be ashamed without JJ coming into play (look up a few comments). What in the world was all the mess up there. A pretend conversation? And the last statement to Kim is what I was talking about over in my comment in the JJ article. “You’re sure it took her a few times to learn to ride a bike”…….did you even learn how to ride a tricycle? Be opinionated not immature.


    For some reason you sure seem to think that it’s your duty to monitor everyone’s conversation. Kim had no problem with any of my comedy so why would it concer you? I haven’t been chided by Tom either.

    I think they both “get it.” and know this is pure “D” entertainment.

    Conversations have a flow…the flow was that she couldn’t get use to me being the God father. ..my reply was that she didn’t ride a bike the first time she tried either….meaning that in time she learned….as in she’s learn to get use to the idea….

    You any kin to Gladys Kravis? (You know who she is?)


    Ok now that i’ve dispensed with the chaff we can get back to the topic….

    I ‘d like to know how everyone feels about us calling each other niggers????

  35. Tom Sawyer Says:

    My first inclination is to delete this post, but I decided not to.

    I’m not opposed to intelligent discussions concerning race, any race. I also see no problem with including a quote in a comment. For instance: Joe said, “Those guys were blah, blah, blah.” However, this comment is close enough to crossing the line where a decision would be in order. I’ve made that decision and comments like this one are not welcome on 7daybuzz!

    We are not a black blog, a white blog, a yellow blog or a purple blog. We are a blog that discusses relevant topics in hopes of moving towards a more positive environment. The comments above and any like them will no longer be tolerated period.

    Like Wesley Snipes would say…MY WORD IS BOND!


  36. loveko Says:

    Are you serious?!!? We have to remember John is only trying to “provoke conversation” I mean…using some ones name and just clowing them like that (although it was very creative) just isnt cool man. Come on now…..You took it to a whole new level of personal insult.

    Now in regards to the reasons we are here… I dont consider myself black or african american. I wasnt born or raised in africa. Neither was my mom or dad, my grandparents, or their parents. Im not black either. My skin is brown. Chocolate! Where did the description of us being black come from anyway? We are shades of brown. The color Black itself means absence of color…nothingness…space…forget that! Im a bright, and beautiful brown sista! See me!

  37. Tom Sawyer Says:

    If you are asking me about being serious when someone uses the “N” word like that, I’m dead serious. At this point, I don’t care what kind of conversation is being provoked, he didn’t have to say that.

    Moving right along…

  38. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    I kind of wondering about the word when I used it and I wasn’comfortable. Honestly I started to say the “N’ word, but what’s the difference? And that was why I went on ahead and said it.
    It’s not a cuss word and i have seen a few here today…..

    Think about it Tom. You say “N” and I say the word. Who doesn’t say the word in their head when someone uses the letter? So that’s why I just went on ahead and said it. for all practical purposes you said it also…..

    But I will respect your right to set rules….and I don’t have a problem with you deciding things like this. Plus I can understand your point of view on this. Like I said I thought about it before I did it and wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but like I said it still means the same..

    Case in point if someone said. “Tom you are an “N” word.”" Would that make any difference to you?

    It wouldn’t to me……….

  39. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    My point was that I think Kathy, Tom and Kim are intelligent and articulate, given some of the post they’ve created. I was mocking Jessie’s philosophy.

    For some reason my messages are flying over your head and your getting a negative only interpetation. Reread it now and see if you get my spoof: Remember i started the conversation……………

    Comment by johnthebaptist7
    2008-07-10 06:36:01
    Good point Kim.
    By now you should have heard Jessie Jackson’s comments on Omama.
    As long as guy’s like JJ exist we are never going advance beyond the “Blame Game Mentality.”
    He makes me ashamed to be The baptist.

    Reply to this comment
    Comment by Kim
    2008-07-10 08:07:13
    I only heard bits and pieces. What exactly did he say?

    Reply to this comment
    Comment by Kim
    2008-07-10 08:11:56
    Okay, I just read it. All I can say is Jesse is a mess!
    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Reply here

    (ok loveko at this point I’m pretending that Kim and Tom’s raised their baby using the Jackson idology) read on…..

    Comment by jOHNTHEBAPTIST7
    2008-07-10 13:28:48
    Imagine raising my God child and blaming everything on white people. I can hear you now:

    “Johneisha why you wet on yourself?”

    “The white man made me do it mommie.”

    “Johneisha why did you hit that boy?”

    “The white man made me do it mommie.”

    “Johniesha when are you going to start being responsible?”

    “That white man had us in slavery so long that I an a victum of the system mommie.”

    “The system?”

    “Yes mommie. The system. If I speak correct english then the black people gonna say I’m talking white like my Aunt….uh what’s here name?”

    “You mean Kathy?”

    “Yeah mommie, Aunt Kathy. ”

    “Baby Aunt Kathy doesn’t talk white. She talks just like your daddy and I.”

    Can I ask you something mommie?

    “Sure baby go ahead………”

    “Is my grand parents white??”

    You get it now??? What was negative about that??? Who did I attack? What was “mean?”

  40. Tom Sawyer Says:

    If someone calls me the “N” word, we are going to argue.

    If someone actually says the word, call the cops because it is going down!

  41. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    YOu a fighter?? Awee c’mon Tom you ain’t no fighter. You a writer.

  42. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    I sent you a post…………………..

    You gonna post it?

  43. Tom Sawyer Says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about, but my email is working fine. If you send me something I will consider it just like I would do anyone else.

  44. johnthebaptist7 Says:

    I sent it 30 minutes ago

  45. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Send it again. I didn’t get it.

  46. johnthebaptist7 Says:


  47. Kathy Curry Says:

    Holla! lol!

  48. Kim Says:

    Let me weigh in on this. I absolutely LOATHE the N word. I don’t like it, I don’t use it and you can best believe, my daughter will NOT use it. That word was, and still is, used to classify Blacks as inferior. I know sometimes, we as Black people, tend to use it as a term of endearment (i.e. What’s up ……) Forget that! The people who really know me know not to use that word around me.

  49. Houseonahill Says:

    Wow! Very spirited!
    @Tom Sawyer:

    Love this post. I am with you on this topic. Now ya’ll stop scrappin’!

  50. Big Detroit aka Kush Says:

    You are correct one of my friends is Maltise and he doesn’t say I’m Maltise-American if asked he refers to himself as Maltise. But when he is in Malta they call him American. And it was this same friend who told me that he met a girl who was from Egypt and refered to blacks (be it from what ever country) as Nubians. This same person was hanging out a party with a group of vacationers from morroco, who where trying to pick up a black women so the morrocians made a bet to see who would win. But what my friend say was they refered to the women as “The Moor”. In both cases the subjects that were being spoke of were Black Americans. The Egyptian girl was speaking of Denzil Washington and the female the Morrocians were trying to pick up was frpm New York because my friend won the bet. I think black people are called different things in different places. it is the idenity that Black americans search for. I’ve alwats used the term Nubian it was used by my grandfather. As a Identity Black/African Americans need that surfix of identity we are Americans and more American than most. The Nubians or Morroon as we were called when we escaped. Isn’t it funny that bugz bunny called stupiid people Morroons. let start a movement a finle movement to answer all questions and get all this mental stress out because the world knows what we are but not who we are, if you get what i’m saying.

  51. Ethnicity Delineated Says:

    I just hope that African Americans (the original group) realize what impact their culture has on many members of the African Diaspora around the world. This new Hip Hop culture, which has been hi-jacked by Corporations, has only served as a force that ignites all the smoldering issues resulting from the gradual breakdown of traditional social norms in these cultures. For example, where there was crime and a breakdown of traditional families in say the urban areas of West Africa, things have gotten worst. Much of this is encouraged by Americanism (the Hip-Hop culture). What does Hip-Hope encourage: Materialism, Egotistic, promiscuous behavior that disregards its impact on society. The Third World does not need a force as Powerful as Americanism to make matters worst in their nations. Worst yet, the ignorant African American concept of we are all the same (if we are Black) is seen as being TRUE to all those Europeans, Asians, and yes African Americans who know nothing about Africans and the Blacks found throughout the African Diaspora.

  52. beth Says:

    I call my self american and or black not african american.I hate that stupid N word and black people that thinks it’s all cool to use that word like most rappers putting them self and black people down.

  53. Hershel Philips Says:

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  54. APGifts Says:


    Contrary to common assumption — the terms “Black” and
    “African-American” DO NOT MEAN THE SAME THING !!!!!!

    AAs & BAs: The KEY difference
    between these TWO (2) groups …

    The African-Americans (AAs) are an ETHNIC
    grouping of people that is comprised ONLY of:

    *** The ‘Descendants-Of-The-Survivors’ of
    the chattel-slavery system that took place on
    the ‘continental’ United States of America
    during the antebellum era of its history.***

    Most (+70%) — although not all — of the people
    who are born to two (2) AA parents are found to
    have an ancestral “racial” lineage that includes
    varying amounts of African (45-55%), Amerindian
    (+25%) and also European (+20-30%) bloodlines
    – that were both admixed into and “continually
    remained” within the lineage of their families.

    (Meaning they are of the Mixed-Race category that is
    referred to as “Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed”
    or as ‘MGM-Mixed’ racially-admixed ancestral lineage)

    Thus, this incredibly unique ETHNIC group of people is
    actually not seen (by most scientists and geneticist)
    as being a ‘Black’ RACE group (or any sort of RACE
    group) at all — but rather they are seen as actually
    being comprised of people that span across
    the following “racial” categories and groups …

    **** Multiracial (about 70% of the AAs — ex. Jayne Kennedy)
    **** Black (about 20% of the AAs — ex. Oprah Winfrey)
    **** Biracial (About 5% of the AAs — ex. Jennifer Beals)
    **** Amerindian or White (About 5% of the AAs — ex. Walter White)


    The Black Americans (BAs) are a RACE
    grouping of people that consists ONLY of:

    ***The ‘Volitional Immigrants’ that are from nations
    that are found all over the world and who are both
    Fully of the Black Race group and who are also
    NOT the descendants-of-the-survivors of the
    chattel slavery system that was once found
    on the continental United States of America.***

    As noted, the BAs are a RACE group and
    are seen as being of a fully-Black lineage.


























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