The Future Of Healthcare In America

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I’m going to jump right in and say that in the most generic way, government healthcare insurance for everyone isn’t a good idea.  I’m using the word generic to mean everyone shouldn’t be under a system like this.  It probably wouldn’t happen, but it is necessary to break down, not only what a system like this would mean, but also who it would benefit.

Immediately throw people who can afford their own doctors out of this equation.  I think it is safe to say that people with the means to do so would want to choose their own doctors and wouldn’t be part of a government healthcare system.  It is a really big stretch, but could you see Bill Gates and Oprah waiting down at the free clinic?  I don’t think so!

What President Obama Wants

Obama wants this done period.  Reports are saying he is flexible on how things work out as long as it gets done.  For many, regardless of party, this is refreshing coming from the president.  Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa said, “When the president is flexible on controversial things … I think that that’s good news.”

Those of us who still have just a sliver of faith in our president need to hear some positive things about him since everyone is so eager to tear him down.  I’m sure [wink] there are some who will read this and will have negative feelings about Obama.  He could make it rain, like Pac-Man Jones in a strip club, for some people and they will still find fault!

Can he at least get an E for effort?

What The Hang Up Is

Of course, the hang up is money.  Somebody is going to have to pay for this and the last thing we need is more debt.  In true political fashion, the wrong move by Obama could cause some to doubt his words.  Check this out: To pay for the health care overhaul, Congress is seriously considering a first-ever tax on some employer-provided medical benefits. But Obama campaigned against that last year, and its inclusion would require him to reverse course. Obama says health care legislation must be paid for, but his own list of tax increases and spending cuts doesn’t cover the full cost.

Uh, Mr. President, there are people waiting to jump on you (again) with both feet if you go back on your word.

What We Don’t Want

What we don’t want, or need, is a cattle call in the doctor’s office.  If government healthcare becomes a reality, the next problem could be the quality of care given – I’ve been down this road before with another version of government healthcare and it still burns me up.  I envision long waits, short visits and Motrin (vitamin M) in mass quantities. 

Think about it from a doctor’s point of view.  They are sitting there with massive student loans, expensive malpractice insurance and need to find a way to pay the bills.  If they were to see patients in this system, would they be paid as much as they normally would?  If not, that means they need to up the quantity per day; I already think many doctors rush in (late) and rush back out.

What We Have

What we have is a president who means well, people in need and a potential massive bill that must be paid.  Even if those things are worked out, the quality of care is still to be determined, but I don’t think it will be all that great.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is in a winnable situation.  If he fails people will be all over him and if he somehow succeeds, people will be all over him because they simply don’t like him.

He is doing the honorable thing – at least that is how it seems to me.  He is trying to help those he can despite the naysayers.  We really didn’t think he would say, “During my term I’m going to put more money in every Republicans’ pockets.” did we?  Come on!

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