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WordPlay Wednesday

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone and happy new year!  Well, by now, you know what 7DayBuzz does on Wednesdays — yep Wordplay Wednesday!

Here are the newsworthy topics.  Remember, try to keep your comments to 5 words and…….have fun!

  1. Tiger Woods.  Why?  What?  How?
  2. What is your opinion on President Obama’s response to the failed terrorist attack on Christmas in comparison to (former, it feels good to say) President Bush’s response to 9/11?
  3. Should we have health care reform or leave things the way they are?  It is easy to criticize what is on the table without offering an alternate solution so this is more about standing pat versus making a change.
  4. Do you know what the Nexus One is?  If so, do you think it will have any impact in 2010?
  5. I would like someone to weigh in on the movie Avatar.  Is this movie as good as the box office indicates?

Tiger’s Scorecard

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Tiger Woods is accustomed to keeping a scorecard while golfing in a tournament.  Keeping score correctly is such a big part of golf that a player can be disqualified if their scorecard has an error on it.  Well, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep score in this drama surrounding the world’s #1 golfer.  But hey, it is worth a shot.

  • The National Enquirerer ran an article about Tiger having an affair with a waitress/model/hostess/club hopper from New York.
  • Tiger had an “accident” leaving his house.  First reports indicate alcohol was not involved.  Later reports say Woods was laying on the street barefoot and sleeping.
  • Tiger apologizes for “transgressions” and says he has let his family down – something you don’t say if you only had a wreck.
  • A Florida trooper who suspected Woods was driving under the influence sought a subpoena for the golfer’s blood results from the hospital he was taken to after the crash, but prosecutors rejected the petition for insufficient information.
  • Woods allegedly gives his wife $5 million to stay with him for two more years, changes the amount she would receive if they divorce from $20 million to $55 million and reduces the number of years for her to get the money from 10 to 7.
  • If Woods’ wife, Elin, lasts another seven years, rather than just two, she’ll reportedly make $80 million total thanks to a new payment schedule spread out over the five years after the agreement vests—and it goes without saying that she’ll never be allowed to tell her side of the story.
  • At last count, 9 women have came forward saying they have had past affairs with Woods.
  • Tiger Woods Inc. reportedly paid girl #1, Rachel Uchitel, $1 million dollars or more to stay quiet and cancel press conference.

New Developments

  • On Tuesday, emergency workers were reportedly called to Woods’ mansion and a middle-aged woman with blond hair was taken away on a stretcher.  The 911 call came in at 2:36 a.m. and a woman was transported soon after to Health Central Hospital as an advanced life support patient, according to multiple reports.
  • News is also breaking today that Tiger’s wife has not only moved out but also plunked down more than $2 million to buy a house back in her native Sweden, U.S. and Swedish papers report.
  • Elin (Nordegren), 29, allegedly packed her bags and moved out of her home yesterday in Windermere, Fla. She reportedly purchased the house with her twin sister outside of Stockholm, the Swedish news agency HPG reports.

On one hand, it is hard to feel sorry for someone worth $1 billion dollars, but on the other hand something is going very wrong in his world.  When the dust settles, he will still have millions of dollars and his kids will hopefully be healthy.  In the meantime, Tiger needs to either learn how to be faithful or how to keep his jump offs (slang for mistress) quiet.

A Business Deal Or A Marriage?

Friday, December 4th, 2009

First, I have to state the obvious: Tiger Woods’ recent physical injuries and property damage had nothing to do with a simple accident.  Also, I would be highly surprised if 1) his driveway isn’t at least two lanes wide 2) he doesn’t have backup sensors and/or a backup camera on his Cadillac Escalade and 3) his driveway isn’t so long that you would never back out of it anyway.  We also have to consider the damage to the car that isn’t consistent with backing into a fire hydrant and hitting a tree.  Yes, I learned that from watching CSI – the original, Miami and sometimes New York.  Many more theories could be applied to this situation, but it is now evident that something isn’t right between Tiger and Elin Woods.

He cheated.  She may have known about it and was cool until it came out in public.  She got so upset that she decided to play a little golf of her own.

Tiger Woods normally keeps his personal business to himself, but news of the superstar golfer, his wife and the legal documents concerning their marriage is slowly but surely coming out.  Like many previously thought, reports are saying that Elin Woods signed a prenup in 2004 which gives her $20 million dollars if the couple divorced after 10 years.  This brings up two points:

  1. $20 million dollars isn’t very much money for someone who has a $40 million dollar boat and buys islands.
  2. Elin Woods wasn’t too smart to sign this prenup in the first place.  She should have held out for a bigger contract.

I wouldn’t necessarily classify this union as beauty and the beast, but her beauty is only trumped by his money.  When this happens, like it does all too often with the wealthy, I normally blame both parties, but in this case Tiger seemed to have known what he was doing.  By giving her $20 million after 10 years he was basically confirming her place in the marriage: eye candy merely worth a small fraction of his empire.  But his smart thinking in 2004 has turned into a bad business deal in 2009.

Tigers “transgressions” are going to cost him $60 million dollars off the top – still not a great deal of money for someone who is reportedly hovering around the $1 billion mark in career earnings.  $5 million of that $60 million is “a $5 million payment immediately if she agrees to stay.”  So she has allegedly been given $5 million dollars if she agrees to stay for two more years.  Are we talking about two people who are married or Phil Jackson’s contract extension to coach the Lakers?

In addition to the $5 million dollar payment, their prenup is being renegotiated to kick in after 7 years with a price tag of $55 million. 

Since love doesn’t seem to be part of the equation anymore, lets look at this business deal:

Original deal

  • $20 million dollars for 10 years – $2 million dollars per year
  • Unspecified amount for child support for 2 children – very low estimate of $50,000 per month or $600,000 per year

New deal

  • $5 million dollar bonus/sorry gift
  • $55 million dollars for 7 years – $7.85 million dollars per year
  • After two years the child support option is still a possibility should the player, I mean wife opt out of the marriage.  However, the child support contract would be reduced by 3 years – the contract expires after 7 years instead of 10 – or the low estimate of $1.8 million dollars

Yeah, this contract business can get confusing.

Tiger’s legal team should ask the golfer two questions.  The first question is what would make him more comfortable.  It is probably more of a comfort to have his wife at home even though his “needs” could most certainly be met by a personal assistant, shopper, chef, nanny and other female “companions.”  All of these people will undoubtedly cost him less than the differnce or $5.85 million per year plus the $5 million dollar bonus.  But her contract may not have an early out clause so his savings could be considerably more since he wouldn’t have to make the $20 million dollar payment.

The second question Team Tiger should ask is if he is OK with absorbing the additional cost of the new contract and any tax benefits he could lose.  I would guess it isn’t a financial burden since this is what he is agreeing to.

At least I would advise him to call J-Lo and ask her about adding some wording about sexual frequency into his new deal.  Don’t you think that is the least concession Elin should be willing to make?