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OMG! Glenn Beck Has Praise for President Obama!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Well, in a backhanded sort of way.  If you notice, this is the first time I’ve written anything concerning Glenn Beck and that’s because I think he’s a complete idiot who only talks to hear himself!  Like Rush Limbaugh, he says things that he knows will incite those closet, racial bigots, into action.  So, I’ve always told myself I would not post anything about him.  However, this is different:–)

Yesterday, Katie Couric debuted her new web show, @katiecouric, on and Glenn Beck was her first guest.  Here’s what the good (I’m being soooooooo facetious here) Mr. Beck revealed on Katie’s show: 

 “I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama.”

What?!!!!!  Finally!  Glenn Beck is showing that he has some sense – even if it is minute!  Of course, he followed up this statement with an abashing “I can’t believe I’m saying this.”  Really?!!!!!!

Do you think he’d ever reveal this sentiment on his own show?  Heck no!  And here’s why:  He is fully aware that he’d lose those viewers who feed off of the animosity he usually shows towards President Obama!  Plain and simple!  Well, at least that’s what I think —- 7daybuzz readers, what do YOU think?

It’s Like He’s Already President!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

How convenient that it’s up to McCain to decide if “The Bailout” is passed.  According to the news reports, if McCain votes against the bill, he and fellow Republicans hope to be seen as as reformers against President Bush, which helps him counteract Obama’s assertion that it’ll mean another four years of Bush if McCain is elected.  If McCain votes for the bail out, he is seen as a champion for the little guy (i.e. average American). Looks like a win-win situation for McCain to me.  What do you think McCain will do?  Mark my words, this may be McCain’s first major decision as a president – even though he hasn’t been formally elected.  If I’m totally off base with my assessment here, follow up with this post after the election and let’s continue to this discussion…….

Palin & McCain Reign!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Hey Everyone.  As previously stated, 7DayBuzz has been on a brief haitus due to Hurricane Gustav.  During our haitus, so much has happened – most notably, McCain naming an unknown (Alaska Governor Sarah Palin) as his vice-presidential running mate.  It appears that Ms. Palin has rejuvenated the Republican Party.  Talk about a shot of adrenaline, right?  She is the topic of everyone’s conversation.  I mean we all want to know  who is she; how did she become McCain’s “soul mate”; what are her beliefs?, etc.  Up until now, she has not been interviwed by anyone.  It’s like the GOP is protecting her, right?  Are they scared of what she will reveal in an uncontrolled setting?  Well, sometime this week she will be interviewed in World News on ABC.  Hopefully, she’ll answer all of our questions.  With all the excitement (and controversy) about Sarah Palin, I wonder if the McCain-Palin ticket has silently become the Palin-McCain ticket.  What do you think?

We Have Two New SuperHeroes Folks: Obama and McCain!

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Well, as you all know, today is Entertainment Chatter on 7daybuzz. And quite a few people think that comic books are entertaining. So, what would you say (or for that matter do) if you saw a comic book for sale, featuring presidential hopefuls John McCain or Barack Obama?  Well, if you’ve never thought about this before, you probably want to start thinking about it.

A San Diego-based publisher is about to release comic books based on the life stories of presumptive presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain.  “We’re not doing anything that is sensational here,” IDW special projects editor Scott Dunbier told the Associated Press, adding that neither campaign had anything to do with the projects. “We’re sticking to the facts.”

The books, which are independently researched and illustrated by a veteran team of writers and artists, will be available online, via cell phones and in comic book shops beginning Oct. 8.
According to the Associated Press, Obama’s biography is being written by novelist Jeff Mariotte (Superman, Spider-Man, Star Trek), and drawn by artist Tom Morgan. J. Scott Campbell did both covers; each features its candidate in the classic superhero pose of squared shoulders and fists on hips with an American flag in the background.

So 7daybuzz readers, what do you think? Would you buy these comic books for your kids? They might just turn out to be collector items as, if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time presidential candidates will have their own comic books. This is truly something that makes you go, hmmmmmm.