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Wordplay Wednesday

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone and happy new year! Well, by now, you know what 7DayBuzz does on Wednesdays — yep Wordplay Wednesday!

Here are the newsworthy topics. Remember, try to keep your comments to 5 words and…….have fun!

1. Which one of the Williams Sisters is the best?  Serena or Venus?  I would say Venus, but her focus isn’t there unless it is Wimbledon.

2.  Do you know what the Apple tablet, or iPad, is yet and have you considered buying one?

3.  Now that health care reform has stalled, do you think it will ever happen since the Mass. Senate seat is not controlled by the Republican party?

4.  What can be said about those who thought President Obama was a socialist?

5.  If we can’t depend on Toyota to produce safe transportation, who can we depend on?