I’m Not Saying Country Music Singer Toby Keith is a Racist, But He Has Racist Ways!

I’m just going to jump right into this.  There are two things that Mr. Keith has done in the last week or so to show he has racist tendencies.  The first one involves Mr. Keith performing a song on the Colbert Report, a news-parody show, which is shown on the Comedy Central cable channel, advocating lynching.  I just so happened to stumble on a blog discussing this.  Why haven’t the major networks reported on this?  Why isn’t this headline news?  Where is the uproar about this?  Just to give you a taste of what Mr. Keith performed on the show, here are some of the lyrics of his lynching song:

“We got too many gangsters
Doing dirty deeds
Too much corruption
And crime in the streets
It’s time the long arm of the law
Put a few more in the ground
Send them all to their Maker
And he’ll set them on down
You can bet, He’ll set ’em down”

“Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree
Round up all of them bad boys
And hang ’em high in the street
For all the people to see”

WTH?!!!  Lynching is one of the most despicable,racist acts that has occurred in America’s history! Why in the world would someone write a song advocating lynching if they didn’t have racist ways?  Oh, before I forget, Mr. Keith is supposed to perform this same lynching song on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and other nationally televised talk shows.  Again, I ask WTH?!!!!!!

The second racist tendency Mr. Keith has shown concerns his comments about Barack Obama.  Now, I will be the first to say I’m still not totally sold on Obama, but these comments by Mr. Keith are ridiculous.  It seems that on July 30, 2008, Mr. Keith appeared on radio jock Glenn Beck’s show.  During a conversation about the presidential race, Mr. Keith said, “I think the Black people would say he [Obama] don’t talk, act or carry himself as a Black person.”  Mr. Beck asked, “What does that even mean?” and Mr. Keith’s genius response was, “Well, I don’t know what that means, but I think that that’s what they would say.  Even though the Black society would pull for him I still think that they think in the back of their mind that the only reason he is in [the general election] is because he talks, acts and carries himself as a Caucasian.”

Now, I know this is a lot to take in, but can you believe this?!!!!  We’re talking about a man who advocates lynching!  How would he know the mindset of a Black person? I am at a loss for words.  You know what?  Please help me to understand this type of thinking.  I once again ask, WTH?!!!!!

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  1. I’m black and I agrre with him. He’s sum education for ya. In the old west lynching was how horse thiefs and other low lifes were dealt with. Let sum baggy pant wearing gangster shoot your kid down like a rabit dawg and then tell me how you feel.

    I’ve ben saying for years that we need to erect public gallows anf hold friday night hangings………….

  2. First of all I would say that calling him “Mr. Keith” is giving him too much respect that he does not deserve.
    So now the only people committing criminal acts wear baggy pants? This is how we categorize the people who are out there killing and robbing? I guess the people at Virginia Tech just immediately went looking for someone with baggy pants when gunfire began.

    I’m not saying people who stereotype others should be lynched (Johnthebaptist), but they should have to go to a public place and be slapped across the face like a little girl for being stupid!

  3. Th more I try and teach you the dumber I get get Tom.
    You thing people who don’t agree with you should be slapped and I thing we should lynch criminals, regardless of color. The reason the color issue comes up is because most of the killins is being done by inner city blacks.

    Too be honest I’m more worried about all the rap videos and songs talking bout killing “N’S” than I am about sum white hillbilly talking bout lynching gangsters. I think it’s a strecth to make the dude a racist over those lyrics. Unless you a person is one insecure person. (How tall are you anyway man, under 5′ 10″????

  4. The title of the post as well as the article itself does not call Toby Keith a racist – it says he has racist ways. So, in addition to his lynching lyrics, what about his commentary on Obama? Just because a Black man speaks proper English, why does he have to be classified as talking, acting or carrying himself as a Caucasian? As if only Caucasian people can speak proper English! Come on now! Only someone who thinks Caucasian are superior would make a statement like that – hence, racist ways.

    Kim Sawyers last blog post..We’ll Miss You Bernie Mac!

    • racist person: somebody who hates others who are not of his or her own race.

      This is a quick definition I found of a racist person. I think Toby Keith has put his foot in his mouth and made himself looks stupid, but I still don’t look at him as a racist, just ignorant. And I hate to say this and I probably shouldn’t but I am. I believe many blacks feel about Obama exactly the way he describes. They probably aren’t the ones that will come on this blog and attack me for saying that, but I do believe there are many out there that feel that way… But I don’t think Toby should have said it regardless.

      I’m just saying…

      • Kathy I’m going to save this post. You are so intelligent and smart. Your words just make me feellllll…soooooo………….validated?


    • Kim we are the worst people in the world when it comes to black people who speaker correctly. How can we accuse anyone of being racist for doing what we do?? Something is wrong with our logic//////

      • John, I, too, think there are some Blacks who are the worst at discriminating against their own (among other races). But that doesn’t change the fact that it is wrong. Also, I still don’t think just because a person speaks proper English, it means he/she is trying to speak, act or carry themselves as a Caucasian/White person. Sorry, that doesn’t fly with me.

        Kim Sawyers last blog post..We’ll Miss You Bernie Mac!

  5. I hate, and I emphasis HATE, to somewhat agree with JTB, but when I read the song lyrics it didn’t impact me the way it obviously impacts others. I doubt that he considers himself a racist. There are soooooo many songs sang with lyrics that should be banned from the airwaves, as should this one, But they are not. I don’t much like my own race singing songs that constantly call women a B. Does that make them verbal abusers of women? Yep! Is anybody gonna do anymore about that than Toby’s song? Nope. I guess maybe if I listened to Toby Keith on a regular and really really liked him and he meant more to me than just another country singer telling stupid stories in their songs, I would care. I just don’t. He is not gonna lynch me. Those days are over. I am a black that is secure enough not to let it bother me one bit.

    • Most people who are racist or has racist tendencies don’t consider themselves to be racist.

      I, too, hate it when the rap songs belittle women and do I think they are idiots? Yep. Do I think they are verbal abusers of women? Absolutely! And do I think they should be held accountable for their lyrics? Without a doubt! Just like I do with Toby Keith. I don’t see how insecurities play a part in this one. With this way of thinking, we, as a society, will never change.

      Kim Sawyers last blog post..We’ll Miss You Bernie Mac!

    • Only a real man can bring out such passionate feelings Kathy… Glad to know my masculine personality reaches across the internet to srtike emotion into your listless world……

  6. If I let everything that people say about blacks affect me, all I or anyone would do all day is fight fires! There are probably stories we could find everyday insulting and degrading blacks. As of yet, nobody has given me a national soapbox to stand on and speak my peace so I move on! It is too exhausting to fight every battle. If Toby were a black singing it, that would be a little more hurtful and offensive but who really cares what Toby Keith says??? lol. Who is he in the scheme of life for a black person? The bible says wink at ignorance! Wink and drive on!!!

  7. Ok let me ask ya’ll (Tom X ) this. What if the lyrics has said let’s stone em to death? Would you be so offended wid ya black self?

  8. I think the main point I tried to make earlier had to do with stereotyping criminals as those who wear baggy pants. People who think this should get out more and meet people. I know people who wear baggy pants and wouldn’t hurt a fly, what does it matter? If I saw someone dressed in a black trench coat and it was hot outside should I assume they are about to start a killing spree? Wouldn’t that be wrong of me to assume that?

    John, do me a favor. Read what you write out loud before hitting the ‘add comment’ button. Since your grammar will improve, your credibility will rise.

    Tom Sawyers last blog post..We’ll Miss You Bernie Mac!

  9. Tom I’m just a big ole dumb country boy. No matter how many times i check it ain’t gonna come out but one way…Last time I checked my invetments i was so credible that they gave me one of them brand new 4 door C-class Benz’s and told me all I had to do was send them $1400.00 PER MONTH!. They thought I was stupid. I told them no way and that I was paying cash for it. Heck I even had half of it in my 08 Burb!
    I do appreciate your concern though….

    I’m having credibility issues in another area TOM. My tithes for this week $800.00 and I’m having touble writihg the check, I just paid $947 last week. Oh well Like you said I aint credible no way……………ROFL…. rofllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  10. OK. So now you are substituting money for use of the English language. I don’t think how much money you made was ever questioned; money wasn’t the issue at all if I’m not mistaken. What was questioned was your ability to communicate without someone assuming what a word should have been since you spell wrong constantly. Also, stereotyping people was also questioned. I said it was wrong, you said it was right and so goes your history of making baseless/ignorant comments.

    You constantly talk about how boring it is here yet you keep on coming back. Spelling words wrong, putting sentences together wrong and making ignorant comments does not make things exciting. Unless you depend on someone else or make all that money digging ditches use some of your smarts through your fingertips to the comments you make.

  11. LOL…Listen Junior. I can elucidate, articulate and misspell you under the table. If I care to that is…
    You might find this hard to believe but I’m playing ignorant. You are so stuffy and boring that I instantly deduced that someone needed to balance things out around here. Bud I write articles for my local paper on occasion just so you know.
    Sitting in front of me at this moment is a copy of “The elements of style” by William Strunk And E.B. White. My favorite book might be “On writing well,” by William Knowlton Zinsser.
    Evidently you’ve never tried “creative writing” or you’d understand my style. I’m sure since you are using your real identity it is important for you to present yourself in a certain manner, contraints of which I’m not bound to observe. What your limited mind sees as ignorance is genious. I’m more than capable of communicating intelligently Tom, but I’m also a very diverse and gifted man who is now very financially secure and not “dependant” on those I employ. In fact the opposite is now true.

    Your liberal use of the word ignorant on several occasions in reference toward me was nothing short of amusing, which is why I never bothered to acknowledge it. The word you control and censor things I doubt that you’ll even allow this post to remain. Why? Because you are pretty insecure……

    So if you don’t mind I’d like to revert back to my chosse character for this site.

    Thank you for allowing me to be creative and I will continue to try and help you overcome your zzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….. (Opps sorry I feel asleep)…boring writings.

    Now that was nice nasty

  12. p.s. i don’t proof read or edit my posts here so what ever keys i hit stay hit. (The word ((way))you control and censor things I doubt that you’ll even allow this post to remain

  13. So you use an assumed name, I use my real name and I’m insecure? Got it. We are talking about grammar, you bring money into the conversation and I’m insecure? Got it. You play like an ignorant country bumpkin and I’m insecure? Got it. Anything else you would like to tell me about myself?

    I delete some of your posts because some people don’t deserve to be subject to your act.

    Tom Sawyers last blog post..What is Sunday Morning Without Bobby Jones Gospel?!

  14. Let me see if I got it Mr. Mao Say Tom. You are the only being with enuff intelligence to decide what people “deserve” to read??????

    Guess I owe you an apology for calling you insecure. Boy did I miss that one. You’re a mega ego maniac man……………Think about what you just said…

    That explains why you can’t take it…….rofl

  15. Toby Keith is not being racist in the lyrics of this song he is talking about the old west when criminals were hung why are you guys confusing a country that is trying to get back to the way things were handled with crime and assume he is talking about being racist …… you are the racist ones for thinking that.

  16. Certainly an interesting conversation. Colour should not be a factor in how we treat the likes of criminal. If we are to treat a criminal by race….Treat them “as the human race” and not as a race of colour.

  17. everyone here that is saying toby keith has racist ways is so full of crap. i have met the man while we were setting up a stage for his show that night. he would walk around making sure everyone had everything they could need(water, food or even a smoke). it didn’t matter if your skin was black, white, orange, green, or whatever. he helped everyone that he could. he is the only performer that has actually done that when i have worked on a stage crew. so if you are saying that toby keith has racial ways then i’m guessing all the performers have racial ways. maybe we should sensor all music and movies! i don’t know about you but i have fought for this great place. i have defended our freedoms and i would be pissed off if i heard any of toby keiths songs got sensored! this is the one person that motivates our country to unite more then anyone i have met. he is truly a great performer and deserves the respect. i believe racial ways will be kept alive through people that keep bringing them up. give up on it its 2010

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  21. so anyways i do not see anything about lynching a african american in the song have known this song for about 3 years now. You all need to relise that the song is reffering to the days way way back when it was white people that were the ones getting hung for crimes i still think weather white or black depending on the crime you should be hung in public maybe we wouldn’t have the shit going on that we do today!!!!! Yes it may be mostly inner city blacks in some parts but where i ma it is young white guys that make up most of the crime.. So to end this yes i am a country redneck but i have alot of black friends that i consider family so dont think i am racist but i also believe you are looking into this way to deep he did not mean anything by it it just sounds like the normal its because i am black excuse to argue it.. maybe the writer of this article needs to be lynched

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