Celebrity Down Low Brothas?

There’s a new book that’s just been released called, Hiding in Hip Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry–from Music to Hollywood.  This book covers the secret homosexual activity in the entertainment business, from a Black male who has worked in the entertainment industry.  Supposedly, this book does not name names, but thinly veils some well-known R&B and rap artists as ‘down low brothas.’  For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it pertains to a Black male who is gay, but has not come out of the closet.  My first question is: Why, when we hear the term down low brotha, is it associated only with Black males?  Is it because of the word brotha?  Are there any White males on the down low? What about Latin males? Asian males?  Okay, I digress, back to the book.

People are really trying to guess who this author is referring to when he describes certain R&B and rap artists.  Some people have guessed Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Diddy, Will Smith, Marques Houston, Omarion, 50 Cents, etc.  Here’s the website that features this story:  http://www.bossip.com/17989/a-bossip-exclusive-hiding-in-hip-hop-the-down-low-brothas/#comments.  What’s your take on it?

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    In order to understand the ‘Down Low Brotha’ difination, you have to understand what it means to be a black man in this Post-Post Modern, DaDa Situationalist world, ESPECIALLY If you live in ANY GHETTO, USA (I forgot the Zipcode—does it matter?!!)

    1. Black males have an exaggerated (if not cartoonish) conception of what it means to be a man in American society. Don’t believe me, go to You Tube and look up a FOO’ named Birdman. As he takes delivery of his million dollar automobile, what does this ‘rap artiste’ talk about? His need to put more “Bitches & Ho’s on to the street”.
    2. The man makes his money receiting POETRY (over barely tuneful songs) and he needs to BS his need to put more ‘Bitches & Ho’s’ on the street? Why would he do that? The man is a recording artiste—he HAS NO ‘Bitches & Ho’s to run on the street!!! But for him, he has to grab on to something to validate his wealth and self image so he struts himself around in this video as a ‘Wanna Be’ or ‘Pretend’ P-I-M-P!!!
    3. JEWS don’t have this problem. When a child turns 13, his is Bar Mitzhaed and is recognized in Jewish Society as being 100% male (regardless of his sexuality). Jews don’t have to PROVE THEIR MANLINESS by going out into the bush and coming back a warrior—he has arrived!!! He is a man.
    4. The problem of ‘Manliness’ in the Black Community is further complicated by the Black Community’s ABSOLUTIST Defination of Gender Roles thru Religion “A Black Man does this and a Black Man does that…and a Black ‘Soldier’ of the streets does his prison time by following XYZ roles, etc. etc. etc. A Black Man challenging the Black Community’s defination of Maleness does more than simply ‘push back’ a self imposed ‘societial role’—he now has to challenge his own self worth and defination of self. He can not come out that he’s gay because in his own mind, it counters everything he believes in and has validated through his life’s experiences.
    5. When a White Child discovers he is gay, he can always move to San Francisco or NYC and embrace the Gay Community which will shelter and nuture him and give him ‘COMMUNITY’. There is no such ‘community’ for the Black gay Man. A Black GAY Man can be a token ‘circuit bunny’ that white gays will tolerate but not accept OR he can come out to the Black Community and watch his friends, his family, his church and his community disown him.
    6. Down Low Brothas a-r-e Sneaky MuthaFuggahs because they HAVE NO OPTIONS OR CHOICE. They have no space for them to be ‘themselves’ and we are all paying for it. How are ‘Y-O-U’ paying for it, ‘Whiteman’? What is the leading cause of new HIV cases in the black community today? Black Women testing HIV positive. And where are they getting the HIV from? Down Low Brothas!!!
    7. I knew a Down Low Brotha at work (White Mother Cop/Black Father Cop) who was forced to become Bi to perpetuate his lie. When he finally tested positive for AIDS, he went on a mission—to infect as many Black Gay Men as he could with AIDS to kill them off soas to ‘protect’ the Black Community from them?!!! He PURPOSEFULLY INFECTED PEOPLE with AIDS because he couldn’t accept being Gay and a BlackMan and neither could Society. How Sad for all of us.
    8. Appearently, this is a common behaviour. I briefly dated a black woman who would go ballastic the moment a dark skinned Black man or ‘ghetto-banger’ walked into the room. I asked her why she acted that way and she said she twice caught black men she was dating having sex with black men. As a result would only date white men and was contemptious of any man who wasn’t white. Again, how sad…

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