Celebrity Down Low Brothas?

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There’s a new book that’s just been released called, Hiding in Hip Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry–from Music to Hollywood.  This book covers the secret homosexual activity in the entertainment business, from a Black male who has worked in the entertainment industry.  Supposedly, this book does not name names, but thinly veils some well-known R&B and rap artists as ‘down low brothas.’  For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it pertains to a Black male who is gay, but has not come out of the closet.  My first question is: Why, when we hear the term down low brotha, is it associated only with Black males?  Is it because of the word brotha?  Are there any White males on the down low? What about Latin males? Asian males?  Okay, I digress, back to the book.

People are really trying to guess who this author is referring to when he describes certain R&B and rap artists.  Some people have guessed Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Diddy, Will Smith, Marques Houston, Omarion, 50 Cents, etc.  Here’s the website that features this story:  http://www.bossip.com/17989/a-bossip-exclusive-hiding-in-hip-hop-the-down-low-brothas/#comments.  What’s your take on it?

65 Responses to “Celebrity Down Low Brothas?”

  1. Kathy Curry Says:

    Wow Kim. This is heavy. Several years ago I saw an Oprah show featuring this topic. An author (maybe the same) was on her show talking about it and explaining exactly what a low down brotha is. You need not ask, there are “low downers” in every race, ethnicity, demographic, etc. I think the reason such a fuss is made about the low down brothas (as it refers to black men) is because of the glooming stigma the black community has with homosexuality period; especially in men of prominence. I’d hate to think that many of the men you mentioned are low down brothas. Many of them mean so much, in one way or another, to the black community.

    Because I think homosexuality is wrong according to the scriptures, I really don’t have much more to say on the subject, except to ask, is there such thing as a low down sista?.

  2. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Can someone tell me what difference it makes if someone is on the down low or out of the closet? The end result is all the same: wrong. Really, I think the people who are openly gay should be offended by the fact that some other guys are basically ashamed to represent what they really are.
    I once heard someone, who was on the down low, say they weren’t gay and they only liked it “prison style.” Huh? What in the world is that all about.

  3. Karol Ann Boyd Says:

    My biggest problem with this whole issue is that there are men who marry women and have children then leave and the whole set of problems this causes. Can you imagine what the woman goes through as an adult but then think of the poor children. To know that not only did your father leave your mother, but he left her for another man. And then there’s the whole visitation issue, who would really want to send their infant or toddler to spend the weekend with their father and his “man”. It’s a lot to think about in my opinion.

  4. Kendall Blake Says:

    This is not really a surprise to me. If you really look at the situation these dudes are just regular black men who are extra talented… and.. may like men like some men who aren’t famous. Rappers really are the ones who aren’t a surprise to me. No one would be surprised if a great poet black or white was gay, would they? Rappers are hardcore poets. No with that being said I am going to make my guesses on who these down-low brothas are.

    No questions about it Malcolm is Diddy. Hands down. I heard last year or sometime back that Diddy was getting Giddy (lol) with some dudes at a club in VIP just like that site says. So that no surprise.

    WOW, Gus is way too easy. Hands down Sisqo. Dude has always been suspect and has not really wrote any songs for newer artists, but did write back then when groups like SWV was hot. And his new single, if that is what people are calling it, he did try and turn gangster. Plus this man had a hit called “Thong Song”.. enough said.

    Craig might be a member of G-Unit , Wu-Tang, Cash Money? Don’t really know that one.

    LOL.. Drake has to be either Omarion or Marques Houston. The both was with groups that were smashing the charts. They then both went solo and has smashes for the first singles. Then we all know about there acting careers. They did do big films, but thats not to get mixed up with them being good actors because after watching you got served, they go 1.. 2.. for worse actors I personally have watched.

    For Eli i’m going to go with Eminem, Jay-Z (but man.. I couldn’t do Beyonce like that.), or maybe 50 cent.

    Quinn – Tyrese.. His first album was just named “Tyrese” and he had Sweet Lady and Lately for 2 hits.

    Don’t know Galvin.

  5. Kim Says:

    Hi Kathy, I totally agree with you that scriptures state homosexuality is wrong. Unfortunately, it is very prevalent in our society today. I remember that Oprah show you’re talking about, but this is a different author than the one you’re talking about. This guy is in the entertainment industry and speaking about those individuals he has encountered. He did not name anyone — just gave descriptions of them in his book.

  6. Kim Says:

    Kendall, I see you read the entire article via the link provided in the post. I still don’t believe Jay-Z or Diddy are on the down low. Russell Simmons, maybe. 50 Cents definitely. Omarion, without a doubt. Tyrese – I’m not sold on that. Sisqo – definitely.

  7. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Galvin is probably Johnny Gil – the actor would be…Eddie. I think Craig could be Method Man. This is crazy.

  8. Kim Says:

    Tom, I think the difference is if you’re on the down low, you are still hiding who you are as a homosexual. When you’re out of the closet, there is nothing hidden – you’ve revealed it all!

  9. Kathy Curry Says:

    Not Tyrese. He is too beautiful and nice! Let’s leave him and Diddy out of this. :o )

  10. Kourtney Says:

    This is CRAZY. It is so sad but true! Not just famous people, but regular peple too. Its a shame they have a secret attraction to men, but want to portray to the world that they do not. And mom asked the question is there a such think as sistas on the low….well there is but again it is really sad that this is socially acceptable. Not just that but a lot of men get excited when they hear about two females wanting to be together. Its all gross but one of these men are gonna end up getting hurt. Let the RIGHT female find out after sleeping with them. I mean this is enough to make a woman snap, and do something she will later regret. It is so not funny and a women should know this up front so they can decide for themselves if they want to be a part of it. I cant believe what the world is coming to…….

  11. Kim Says:

    You’re right Kourtney. Kathy did question if there’s such a think as down low sistas. I’m sure there are – it’s just not publicized as much as men.


    I was trying to stay outta this but…….

    I got a problem. I use to love bi women and have been involved with some real stuff, but I can’t get into a man being gay at all. I don’t know how long ya’ll have been”‘saved” but most men today love being with more than one woman.
    I suspect that God doesn’t make that difference, but I always felt that i wasn’t involved in any homosexual activity in doing my deeds. I didn’t run into many gay men but I always seemed to be running into women who liked women and I’m wondering if there aren’t more gay women than men???

    In the church the focus is always on the man but I know summa those sisters are off the hook.

  13. Kathy Says:

    Hmmmm……. John you just go there don’t you! Wherever it is, you go!

    Typically, we are products of the environment we grow up in. I was raised in church, therefore I can’t relate to what you are saying is your past. I am glad to say, I haven’t been involved in some real stuff but admire the fact that, from the sound of it, you have been, and with victory can say, you made it through, and are now involved in some real stuff with God!


    Thanks sis.
    Yeah it was rough geting to this point, but I got something now. And people know it. They actually laugh at me sometimes, talk about me at others, but they all say that I make them be honest about some things that they haven’t wanted to face. Too many sanctified folks are more skanktified and stanktified than they are willing to admit. Backstabbin, jealousssssssss, lairs…all in the name of the LAWD!

    Summa them church folks is worse than the unsaved in that they “shuckka mis shy” and “she cum ma moo moo” all over the church and sit down “all saved all over again.”

    Everyday as i live I’m reminded of my weaknesses by this enviroment in which we live. It is sometimes so hard for me. Just the other day I had a real fine lady playing head games with me. I tried to remain professional, but she was leaning over in her low top, saying little off hand comments and she even asked me why was I suddenly so sweaty. ‘Am I bothering you? I am bothering you aren’t I John? What about me is bothering you John?”
    I just played it off but she was really causing me some psychological problems. I was talking to my body but it was reacting on it’s on. I used a folder to get to the file cabinet across the room and tried to get a grip. I’m not sure why some things can get to me in that way, other than my past has its’own mind about things.

    It sounds like most of ya’ll are married and probably have forgotten what it feels like to be on fire. People have these feelings all the time, which is why I don’t understnad how any man could stay single and not be doing ‘SOMETHING” every now and then. Men are just to predatory, if they’ve had a lot of expierence< to just turn it all off. Guys who act feminine don’t fool me. I know they be on the down low.
    From a man’s (mine) perspective I know what rules us.

  15. Kathy Says:

    Well, you’ve done it again, left me speechless!

  16. Tom Sawyer Says:

    John, even though some of us are married, we know what you are saying. I guess it is just something you will continue to fight. I don’t think the bible says you will never be tempted. You just have to try to remove yourself from tempting situations. I know that is easier said than done and the workplace is somewhere you’d expect you wouldn’t have to worry, but that isn’t always the case. I guess you have made us all your therapists.
    Keep the comments coming – the PG comments.

    I’m still waiting on you to submit an article. I’m sure I will have to edit it because I know it will be right there on the edge.


    LOL Kathy!!!

    I’ll get something together Tom.


    Really??? Or is it that I’m too close to your comfort zone?

  19. Brie Says:

    God speaks about this in the word, Men shall leave the natural affection of a woman. Listen up people men and woman that practice these types of sex will I repeat spend an eternity in HELL!..and if you think hell is not real think again!..

  20. TonyTellsTheTruth Says:

    I don’t know everything, but I do know this — over 80% of men who go to prison for three or more years will engage in some form of homosexual activity. That means this is a trait that given the right circumstances can affect almost any male. Drugs, alcohol, boredom can increase libido and lower inhibitions. Also a lot of downlow activity has little to do with pursuit of sexual gratification. A lot of it is a pursuit of power, control, and domination. Many men do not feel powerful in their relationships with women. Women, without even trying, can make a man feel like crap and worthless. The DL man can go out, meet a depraved homosexual who will do anything they want, and feel like King of the World for a few hours. They may score drugs and liquor at the same time. Maybe even get a few dollars. It’s a bad situation for the unsuspecting female at home. But the guy gets his rocks off and feels like a movie star the whole time. A lot of guys are secretly jealous of all the attention women get for just being alive anyway. On the DL or Homo, they can get some attention too — hence male stars who get tired of the easy female conquest sometimes go gay.

  21. Kim sawyer Says:

    @TonyTellsTheTruth – Hi Tony. Welcome to 7DayBuzz. Your comment is interesting to say the least. How do you know for sure that 80% of men who go to prison for 3 or more years will engage in homosexual activity? Also, based on your comment, are you justifying the DL man?
    .-= Kim sawyer´s last blog ..OMG! Glenn Beck Has Praise for President Obama! =-.

  22. uphighsista Says:

    @TonyTellsTheTruth – Tony, I have never ever heard that take on men feeling worthless next to a woman just because she is alive. I do think woman have the ability to use their womanly wiles to get what they want SOMETIMES in life, but certainly not always and certainly, not all women. But the flip side is, if worked properly, men can have it all! According to God’s plan, men are the head! They are the head of the household and family and women are the helpers (helpmate). So…it is a sad thing for the man that can’t utilize his God given right to be the movie star of his own life, wife, household, world, etc. Off the spiritual note and on the real, men are arrogant! Seriously, you could and should be a King of the World in your own life production if you want and need that! And for the record, there is nothing in this world that can make a woman feel more like crap and worthless than a man!

    What I’m saying is; women should not be blamed for chasing a man into lowdown-ness!

  23. TonyTellsTheTruth Says:

    Kim & Uphighsista,

    Statistics on prison homosexuality are hard to find period; but what is easy to find are brothers who have been to prison. If you have relatives or friends who have done prison time and you ask them (in their opinion) how many males are doing something with another male behind bars, you’ll be surprised that most say it’s very high. I’ve been told consistently 80% to 90%. The longer inside, the more likely an inmate indulges. The person you ask will never admit they indulged too (although I can be persuasive and they usually tell me the truth).

    I come at this discussion as a formerly married, now gay male who is more interested in the truth than scoring with men. I have scouted DL men in various settings, played along until they admitted they are married with children, and then told them straight up they need to be careful playing with fire because HIV is real and everywhere.

    When I was married, I was not honest either. The compulsion and attraction I had to men was too strong to keep under wraps. Did I love my wife? Hell, yes! Did I want to hurt her in any way? No! But the pure animal nature of sex between men, where emotion is the last thing on the plate, was too much for me to ignore. Having DL sex became the ultimate escape for me from the mundane and predictable married life I led. Some men crave excitement. Some just cheat with women. But if a man has any attraction to men within him, he will eventually want to try a man. Like a drug, this can be quickly addictive. Gay sex is pretty exciting, cheap (no expectations, no dinners), and often much kinkier than straight sex. When drugs and alcohol are added, the experience becomes even more intense.

    Yes, there is probably some devil influence causing this DL and gay phenomenon. I am agnostic, but I can see something unholy in the gay lifestyle even as I participate in it. Also beware of men who love porn. I used to be satisfied with straight porn, but many men pretend to look at the girls when they are secretly admiring the guys. This admiration (especially of male size) can lead to fantasy and experimentation. I read an article once in “Details” magazine. This bi-sexual porn star with a huge package said “straight” men are often so awed by his size, they start acting gay around him. Now figure that one out.

  24. uphighsista Says:

    0@TonyTellsTheTruth – Well Tony, I must say, it is interesting to read what you have to say. I have heard most of what you are saying, if not everything, before. But still, it surprises me when I hear or read it. I will concur with your statistics. I have heard, more than once, 85% of men, and not just those in prison, have had at least one homosexual experience. It may be out of curiosity, against their will, or by consent, but they have. Gosh, it makes me look around at all the men in my life and all the men I know and wonder. That is a very high statistic.

    The one thing I don’t like about the downlow thing is denial. In my monogamous opinion, downlow brothas are gay. I think they are flat out gay. But some call them bi-sexual. Ok, I guess. But the one thing they are not is straight.

  25. TonyTellsTheTruth Says:

    @uphighsista – I agree that DL men are probably gay and just don’t want to admit it. However, even gay men realize that the homo lifestyle is lacking so much that heterosexuals get to enjoy such as a wife, kids, social acceptance, and religious acceptance. By the way, I am not a homo because I love having sex with men. In fact, coitus with a woman physically feels so much better to me. Even oral is better with a woman.

    I am a homo because when I hit puberty I realized I had a strong sexual attraction to men, and a weak sexual attraction to women. Who wants a terrible gay lifestyle, so I tried to suppress this attraction, get married, and just be content. However, sexual attraction does not care about willpower. You see something you like, and just like breathing, your body responds. So at a certain point, I felt it was not fair to my wife to live with a guy like me.

    The thing is (and this is the goofy part) I would have been perfectly happy being married and having sex with my wife, if I could have told her I was attracted to men and she didn’t hate me for it. I honestly told her two years into our marriage that I’m attracted to men somewhat, but I love her and won’t act on it. That information was so damaging to my wife (understandably), that she never treated me the same. We stayed together for nine years total, and I finally left the marriage because she wanted me to pretend forever that I never told her the truth about how I felt.

    She wouldn’t let me be honest. I was a good provider and I guess she didn’t want to lose that so she stayed with me. If you can’t be honest with a spouse, who can you tell the truth. If she had told me she was attracted to women, I would have jumped for joy and worked out something with her. I would not have stopped loving her instantly.

    It’s not fair how gay or bisexual men are demonized, and gay/bi women are celebrated. Gay is gay!

  26. Kim Sawyer Says:

    @uphighsista – HI uphighsista. Welcome to 7DayBuzz. Let me first say that I 100% agree with you that women are not the cause of men deciding to partake in the DL activity. Tony, to even suggest that, is well, a little bit far-fetched, don’t you think? I also agree with you uphighsista that it is interesting how men who participate in homosexual activities, don’t consider themselves homosexual, just because they may also still have sex with a woman. That amazes me to no end!

    Now, I don’t know about the statistics for men who are imprisoned and their inclination to partake in the homosexual lifestyle. I do find your stats interesting though. I also find it interesting, Tony, that you feel you’re not a homosexual because you “love” having sex with men. Isn’t the definition of a homosexual “of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward individuals of one’s own sex?” Doesn’t that describe you perfectly?

    I do agree with you Tony that gay is gay — as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. If you’re attracted to the same sex as yourself, and engage in sexual activity, you’re gay!

  27. Karol Ann Says:

    Wow!!! Tony, you had A LOT to say!.. I really don’t understand how you can make some of the comments you made that seem to contradict themselves. What saddens me in this whole discussion is that there are innocent men, women, and children that are affected by the DL situation. I just hope in the future with as much information as we all have that men and women will be more honest with each other and careful in the choices they make.

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  29. milk Says:

    Down Low brothers are gay whether they only do a man- or the man does them. You attracted to /sleep with man you a homosexual. Full stop.
    Black men can be full of shit I do them so I not gay-HELLO BROTHERyou are.even if you don’t tell anyone- its called being in the closet.

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  40. Teofila Soucier Says:

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  41. K Walk Says:

    Ummm Katy u said that you would hate if these black celebrities were gay but why shud it matter who they have sex wit ppl in the black community should embrace gay and yes i am black and my parents friends dont have a problem with it my boyfriend is black his family and friends dont have a problem with it so what is the big deal black people should be a little no excuse me A LOT more open then u wanna say that it say that homosexuality is wrong in the bible stealing is worng in the bible, adultery is worng killing, not obeying the laws of the land is wrong i could go on and on and on but my point is why sit around why make homosexuality a big ass dicussion when there other things going on in the world that are way worse than who is having sex with the same sex and god knew all the sins we were going to make before we even made them and love us nno matter what we do died on the cross for our sins and sees all of us as his children in his eyes so who are you to judge im sure its a lot that i could judge you on but im not becuase no one is perfect and god knows we arent and only he can judge so who cares whos bi straight gay down low get over it

  42. K Walk Says:

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  46. truthbeheard Says:

    I think that most people do not empathize enough with DL men. Yes, they are keeping their sexuality a secret but let’s dig deeper…why are these celebrities staying DL. Let’s take Trey Songz for example.(not saying he’s gay but for arguments sake) came out and said he eS gay. What would happen? First I can tell you that most black men will not support his music in fear of being labeled as well. Second, most of his female fans who obsessed over him would have no choice but to to find a straight artist to then support. I’m pretty sure that due to this his career would be extremely minimized or possibly destroyed and he would only get support from gay people and tolerant people who don’t believe that being gay makes him any less talented or good as a person. Society keeps the black man hiding. I’m 21 and just told my mom. Growing up I was teased, harassed, forced to hang out with mostly females because straight males treated me like I wasn’t worthy of friendship and the only chance I had to live a normal life is to consciously act more macho, get a girlfriend and not act on an attraction to men that I’ve had as long as I can remember. The fact is that people say that they just want DL men to be true when in actuality It’s a life changing decision that some people never build up the courage to do because of the close minded people around them. Would you feel comfortable telling someone you were gay when that same person treats gay people like a walking sin? Lastly, if anybody thought that gay was a choice you are foolish. If it was that simple I would wake up tomorrow straight, get a girlfriend, have any friend I want, not be harassed or insulted and live a much more easy going life.

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  60. ArmyDicked Says:


    In order to understand the ‘Down Low Brotha’ difination, you have to understand what it means to be a black man in this Post-Post Modern, DaDa Situationalist world, ESPECIALLY If you live in ANY GHETTO, USA (I forgot the Zipcode—does it matter?!!)

    1. Black males have an exaggerated (if not cartoonish) conception of what it means to be a man in American society. Don’t believe me, go to You Tube and look up a FOO’ named Birdman. As he takes delivery of his million dollar automobile, what does this ‘rap artiste’ talk about? His need to put more “Bitches & Ho’s on to the street”.
    2. The man makes his money receiting POETRY (over barely tuneful songs) and he needs to BS his need to put more ‘Bitches & Ho’s’ on the street? Why would he do that? The man is a recording artiste—he HAS NO ‘Bitches & Ho’s to run on the street!!! But for him, he has to grab on to something to validate his wealth and self image so he struts himself around in this video as a ‘Wanna Be’ or ‘Pretend’ P-I-M-P!!!
    3. JEWS don’t have this problem. When a child turns 13, his is Bar Mitzhaed and is recognized in Jewish Society as being 100% male (regardless of his sexuality). Jews don’t have to PROVE THEIR MANLINESS by going out into the bush and coming back a warrior—he has arrived!!! He is a man.
    4. The problem of ‘Manliness’ in the Black Community is further complicated by the Black Community’s ABSOLUTIST Defination of Gender Roles thru Religion “A Black Man does this and a Black Man does that…and a Black ‘Soldier’ of the streets does his prison time by following XYZ roles, etc. etc. etc. A Black Man challenging the Black Community’s defination of Maleness does more than simply ‘push back’ a self imposed ‘societial role’—he now has to challenge his own self worth and defination of self. He can not come out that he’s gay because in his own mind, it counters everything he believes in and has validated through his life’s experiences.
    5. When a White Child discovers he is gay, he can always move to San Francisco or NYC and embrace the Gay Community which will shelter and nuture him and give him ‘COMMUNITY’. There is no such ‘community’ for the Black gay Man. A Black GAY Man can be a token ‘circuit bunny’ that white gays will tolerate but not accept OR he can come out to the Black Community and watch his friends, his family, his church and his community disown him.
    6. Down Low Brothas a-r-e Sneaky MuthaFuggahs because they HAVE NO OPTIONS OR CHOICE. They have no space for them to be ‘themselves’ and we are all paying for it. How are ‘Y-O-U’ paying for it, ‘Whiteman’? What is the leading cause of new HIV cases in the black community today? Black Women testing HIV positive. And where are they getting the HIV from? Down Low Brothas!!!
    7. I knew a Down Low Brotha at work (White Mother Cop/Black Father Cop) who was forced to become Bi to perpetuate his lie. When he finally tested positive for AIDS, he went on a mission—to infect as many Black Gay Men as he could with AIDS to kill them off soas to ‘protect’ the Black Community from them?!!! He PURPOSEFULLY INFECTED PEOPLE with AIDS because he couldn’t accept being Gay and a BlackMan and neither could Society. How Sad for all of us.
    8. Appearently, this is a common behaviour. I briefly dated a black woman who would go ballastic the moment a dark skinned Black man or ‘ghetto-banger’ walked into the room. I asked her why she acted that way and she said she twice caught black men she was dating having sex with black men. As a result would only date white men and was contemptious of any man who wasn’t white. Again, how sad…

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